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Year 7 - Ancient China: Part A - Everyone needs to do this

For this assignment you need to ALL do Part A and then choose one other topic. You will need to hand in your notes with the finished assignment and do a bibliography.

Quin Shihung

Emperors Qin Shihuang and Liu Bang are regarded by historians as having a significant impact on Ancient China.

  • Discuss the virtues of each emperor as well as the problems they might have caused during their rule.
  • Which emperor do you think had the most significant impact on Ancient China?

(You need two answers here)


[File:Emperor Gaozu of Later Jin Shi Jingtang.jpg|Emperor Gaozu of Later Jin Shi Jingtang]


In your own words, explain the values that Confucius believed should influence governments.


This is a faithful photographic reproduction of a two-dimensional, Public Domain work of art.

Go to the library

Go to Ollie and select the library button


Select the Library Catalogue on the left

Search for Ancient China.

You will get:

  • Books
  • Encyclopedia references 
  • Clickview Videos 

and more!


Don't forget to get the details for your Bibliography straight away!





Women in Ancient China

Women who challenged the social structure were, according to the records, called "crowing hens"

  • What were some of the restrictions women may have pushed against in Ancient China?
  • \Why do you think they were called "crowing hens"?

(You need two answers here)

To research look for "Ancient China" and "Women"

Wikimedia Commons [CC BY (]

China - Summary