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Year 9 - Drama: Comedy


Black comedy - Takes serious subjects, such as death or war, and creates humour from them.

Satire - A form of comedy to criticise or ridicule people or ideas.  

Stand up - a comedian preforms a routine of jokes in front of an audience.

Sitcom - a situation comedy.

Variety show - an assembly of songs, tricks or sketches in a show.

High comedy - Comedy that uses wit, intelligence and sophistication to tell its jokes. 

Irony - Using certain words and tone to convey the opposite of the words being spoken.

How to make something funny

Classic Comedy Examples

Classic Comedy Tv scenes

Classic Comedy Characters

The nerd - Has a wealth of knowledge and is generally very intelligent, however is usually portrayed as having low social skills.

The bully - Seen as having one liners and point out obvious traits about other characters to ridicule them.

The over thinker - This character is intelligent, however tends to be very particular about things and their insecurities often overwhelm them. 

The attractive one - Is occasionally played as the mean girl, always looking their best and thinks they are better than most people.

The jock - Is generally not an intelligent character and is seen to only have an interest in sport.

The 'cool' dad - Always trying to act cool and connect with his children and their friends.

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