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Year 9 - Drama: Slapstick


Slapstick - Where did the name come from?

Farce - An exaggerated form of comedy, which usually involves over the top characters and plot.

Physical Comedy - A type of comedy that involves slapstick, body manipulations, mime and making exaggerated funny faces.

Caricature - Is an exaggeration of a person or subject.

Physical Comedy

Classic Examples

Famous slapstick comedians

Buster Keaton - Best known for his physical comedy and gained the nickname "The Great Stone Face" for his ability to compose a blank face.

Rohan Atkinson - Is a well known actor for his work on Black Adder and his character Mr.Bean. 

Jacques Tati - A French mime known for his directing and acting works.

Jim Carrey- A well known actor and comedian who is best known for his physical comedy.