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Indigenous Australia: Treaty

What is treaty?

A treaty is an agreement between states, nations or governments. This can include an agreement between Indigenous peoples and governments.

There is no set form for what a treaty with Indigenous peoples should contain. Each treaty is shaped by the history between the parties and the social and political context in which it is made. In Victoria, there could be one statewide treaty or multiple treaties with individual Aboriginal groups.

Treaty is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the unique status, rights, cultures and histories of Aboriginal Victorians. It's an opportunity to address wrongs and redefine relationships between the State, Aboriginal Victorians and non-Aboriginal Victorians.

Australia is the only Commonwealth country to not have a treaty with their Indigenous population.


Famous moments in Post colonial indigenous History

Victorian Government Process

The Victorian Government is currently in the process of establishing a treaty/treaties with Aboriginal Victorians. See the chart below to see how each phase progresses.