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Information Skills - The art of researching using my own work: Home

Research beyond Google. Use the principles of academic integrity. Understand what Plagiarism is and know how to avoid it. Understand photo copyright and Creative Commons. Know how to Cite Sources.

When your teacher says Research

When your teacher says research....they mean go to the library on Ollie

Good Research

At university Googling your research won't cut it - so get used to using good Library resources and creating a proper reference list to prepare yourself....and to demonstrate good academic practice.

Topics covered

1. Principles of Good Research - What does academic integrity mean? Is the work all your own? What rules do you need to follow to do good research

2. Citing your sources - A bibliography is essential. What are the rules? How do I do intext citation
3. Plagiarism - What is it and how can I avoid it?

4. Copyright and Creative Commons - When do I have the rights to use images? How can I use images or videos correctly and give the right permission.

5.  Working collaboratively - What tools can I use to work collaboratively?

6. Teacher resources


Other : Cybersafety - there is another guide for that HERE

Researching using the library