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De La Salle Library: General Academic guides

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General Guides

General Research Guides - Topics for all year levels

‚ÄčThese guides are for everyone - not a particular year level.

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people
    This is a guide which looks at history, culture and many of the issues to do with studies of Indigenous Australians
  • Bushfires in Victoria
    This guide from the State Library of Victoria contains useful resources including government reports, websites, statistics and newspaper articles about Victorian bushfires from 1851 to today.
    Also check out RMIT Fact check unit who have checked lots of the opinions around the bushfire topic.
    Bushfire Education 
    Bush fire education website for schools
  • Indigenous history - This guide explores the history of First Nations people and delves into their culture.
  • Indigenous Voice to parliament - Here are the official pages as well as information about the debate
  • Refugees 
    What is a refugee? Where are they from? What can be done with the world's refugee population. Here are the facts!
  • Research like a detective - Become a great researcher by learning like a detective.
  • Science Research - Using the Scientific Method
  • Scientific Posters
    How to design an effective Scientific Poster
  • Sustainability and Climate Change - What is happening to our planet? How has it happened and how can we fix it?
  • Statistics
    This guide from Latrobe University looks at the best place to get statistics and how to use and understand statistics.
  • World War I
    This guide from ReadySetResearch examines the War from causes to effects

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General Resouces