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Research Like A Detective: Locating - Gathering Clues

if you want to become a better researcher you should learn to think like a detective

Gathering Clues


Databases and Research Help




  • Where can I find the information I need?
  • What do I already know?
  • What do I still need to find out?
  • What sources and equipment can I use?


  • Don't forget that you will need to have three different sources for your information - that means you will need to get it from three different places like books, the internet, encyclopedias, etc.
  • Take basic notes in point form.
  • Write the notes in your own words - copying and pasting is called Plagiarism.
  • Write down the details about where you found the information so you can add them to a Bibliography later on.


Plagiarism is copying another person's ideas, words or writing and pretending that they are one's own work. It can involve violating copyright laws. College students who are caught plagiarizing can be expelled from school. It can permanently damage a student's reputation. Writers who plagiarize commit serious legal and ethical violations.

Bibliography: 1 : a list of materials (as books or magazine articles) used in the preparation of a written work or mentioned in a text. 2 : a list of writings about an author or a subject.