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Year 9 - Media - Advertising: Ad History

The first television ad

The first paid newspaper ad

The first ever paid newspaper ad was on the 8th of May 1704 and read:

"At Oyster-bay on Long-Island in the Province of N.York, There is a very good Fulling-Mill, to be Let or Sold, as also a Plantation, having on it a large new Brick house, and another good house by it for a Kitchin & work house, with a Barn, Stable, etc. a young Orchard, and 20 Acres clear Land. The Mill is to be Let with or without the Plantation: Enquire of Mr. William Bradford Printer in N.York, and know further."

from theclassroom

Australian Advertising History

Explore this resource from the National Library of Australia. It looks through the advertising history of Australia from the 1790's to the 1990's.

Coca Cola through the years

The Future of Advertising

The History of Advertising