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Lit Circles - Primary: I love you, Jason Delaney

About the book

Life for Ali is full of questions - and waiting. She's waiting for her first real kiss, she's waiting for Dad to unlock Aunty Mim's door and she's waiting for Jason Delaney.

Ali didn't know that missing someone could hurt so much. Dad must be hurting too, but he won't talk about it. He just closed the door to Aunty Mim's room and shut her memory away in there. But Ali needs to be let in . . . into her Dad's sadness and to the wonderful secrets left behind by Aunty Mim - her very best friend in the world.


Themes: Friendship, love, grief, relationships.

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About the author

Dianna Kidd was born in Melbourne where she trained and taught as a primary school teacher. Deciding to travel, she worked her passage by ship to Greece, travelled Europe and worked in England where she married. 

Diana began writing for children when her first child was born and she always dreamed when her first child was born and she always dreamed that one day she would write a book. That dream came true with the publication of her first book, The Day Grandma Came to Stay (and Spoilt my Life), in 1988. Since then, Diana Kidd has been shortlisted twice, in 1990 and 1993, for the Children's Book Council of the Year Award for Younger Readers; has won the 1990 Western Australian Young Readers' Book Award; has been awarded the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Children's Literature in 1990 for Onion Tears, and shortlisted for the same award in 1992; and in 1993 she was the winner for the Australian Multicultural Children's Literature Award for the Fat and Juicy Place

Questions for your circle

  • Do Ali and her dad handle grief differently? In what ways do they handle it?
  • Why does Ali fall in love with Jason Delaney?
  • Did you expect Ali and Jason to end up together?