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Lit Circles - Primary: The Kaboom Kid: The big switch

About the book

The Kaboom Kid : The big switch by David Warner

undefinedWho better than a cricketer to write children’s books around cricket? David Warner has written a series of  books about Davey Warner who is passionate about cricket, and his mates at school and their cricket team, the Sandhill Sluggers. His bat is named Kaboom, and his dog is Max. Max helps the team practise as he’s an expert at catching them out.

Meet Little Davey Warner. He lives in Sandhill Flats with his mum and dad and his brother Steve – and his stinky dog Max. Davey and his schoolmates –even Max – are MAD for cricket. All they want to do is play … but there’s always something getting in their way.
Davey and his friends have a big game coming up against Shimmer Bay, their arch rivals in the local comp. They need to practise, and spend all their free time at school – in the morning and at lunchtime – making sure they’ll be ready.



  • Teamwork
  • Persistence
  • Self confidence
  • Courage

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Extension material

undefinedOne of Australia’s most influential athletes and the world’s most explosive batsman, David Warner was the leading run scorer in Australia’s whitewash against England last summer, which attracted millions of viewers across the five Test Ashes series. Over the next year, Australia will contest a T20 World Cup, an ODI World Cup at home and another Ashes series in England and Warner is set to spearhead the country’s ambitions in all three series. David loves kids, loves kids playing cricket and has written these books about growing up with cricket to encourage kids of all persuasions to play for fun and fitness.

Questions for your circle

  • Cricket is a game played by everyone in the team - it can't be won by one or two people alone. Talk about some examples showing how important teamwork is.
  • Is having self-confidence as important as being naturally talented in a sport? Give examples of your own experiences.
  • Do courage and self-confidence go hand-in-hand? Have you heard stories of great sportspeople overcoming the 'butterflies in their stomachs' and going on to do well?
  • Relate a part of the book where Davey and his fellow team mates showed persistence and were successful.

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