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Lit Circles - Primary: The Big Bazoohley

About the book

The Big Bazoohley by Peter Carey

"Sam blinked and looked around. It took a good minute for him to realise that he had been dreaming. I was only ater he heard the door swing shut behind him that he realised he had sleep-walked out o his hotel room. He was locked out."


Wearing his 'Sonic the Hedgehog' pyjamas, Sam Kellow sleepwalks out of the hotel room in Toronto where he is staying with his parents . . . and wakes to find the door locked behind him. Exploring the hotel hallway, Sam meets Nasty Muriel, Droopy George and their chickenpox-covered son, Wilfred, who kidnap him and force him to enter a competition.

Sam has the opportunity to win the Big Bazoohley - the big jackpot - and save his family's finances, but nothing is ever as simple as it seems and what follows is a hilarious romp that will make you laugh out loud.

GENRE: Humour


  • Individuality
  • Responsibility
  • Competition

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Extension material

Questions for your circle

  • Sam is more responsible than his parents in many ways. Give examples from the book and describe how you would feel if you were the most responsible person in your family.
  • Why was eating spaghetti 'correctly' seen as such as important skill by George and Muriel?
  • What is The Big Bazoohley?
  • What did the Chief Judge mean when he said Sam and Nancy were "the real McCoy"?
  • Were you surprised by the ending? What did you think would happen?

About the Author

undefinedAuthor Peter Carey wrote part time during the nights and weekends for thirteen years while he worked during the day in advertising agencies in Melbourne, London and Sydney.

Prior to this he had studied science for a single unsuccessful year at Monash University. He was then employed by an advertising agency where he began to receive his literary education, meeting Faulkner, Joyce, Kerouac and other writers he had previously been unaware of. He was nineteen.