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English: Issues in the News

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Issues 2023 Year 12 English

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The Conversation

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Analysis of issues

The Squiz Podcast

Podcasts on various issues


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Other options

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Impact on Education – student plagiarism
  • Regulation of AI

(INE) Artificial Intelligence

The Voice

  • The Voice to Parliament
  • The Voice Referendum
  • Impact on Indigenous Rights
  • Sport Codes & Business Organisations support for/against

(INE)  Indigenous rights

(INE) Indigenous people and criminal justice [eBook]

(INE) Stolen generations and the way ahead [eBook]

(INE) Responding to racism [eBook]

Gender Equality:

  • Transgender rights
  • Indigenous Rights
  • Pay Equality

(INE) Human rights in Australia [eBook]

(INE) Indigenous people and criminal justice [eBook]

(INE) Responding to racism [eBook]

Housing crisis:

  • Housing crisis
  • Lack of affordable housing

Cost of Living/ Inflation/ Interest Rates (cost of living) (interest rate raises)

Ukraine crisis



  • Government response
  • Consumer Protection
  • Consumer responsibilities

Buy now Pay Later Products

Gambling advertising

HISTORICAL newspapers

Searching newspaper archives 

State Library of Victoria

Sometimes what you are searching for is not recent. How can you search newspapers from 19th and early 20th century? How can you look at advertisements in the newspaper and see how the newspaper looked?

Below is a video tour of the newspaper resources of the State Library of Victoria. It lists research tools and gives tips for finding items when the date an item appeared is not known. The item you are looking for could be an article, personal notice, or an image in a newspaper. 

If you already know when an item appeared in a newspaper then the How to find newspapers guide can be used to find online, microfilm and printed editions of newspapers.

Trove at the National Library

Trove is a project at the National Library of Australia where they have digitised library images and you can OCR search. As it is OCR and the newspapers are reproduced from Microfilm records the OCR is not always as accurate as searching a full text database but give it a will be surprised!