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Lit Circles - Primary: Bushfire

About the book


Bushfire by Sally Murphy is a fictional story based on the real events of the catastrophic ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires. In the summer of 2009, hundreds of devastating wildfires raged through the alpine bush terrain in Victoria, Australia. Bushfire is part of the My Australian Story series from Scholastic. It commemorates the 10th anniversary to remember the lives lost to the fires of Black Saturday.

In Bushfire we meet school girl Amy and discover her life in Marysville and Healesville. These were two of the towns devastated by the 2009 fires. We discover Amy’s interests and daily life as a student. We meet Amy’s family, her friends and her lovely relationship with her grandmother.

Amy’s mother is a climate change scientist, and her dad is a volunteer firefighter. Amy’s conversations with her parents provide an opportunity to include climate change science and bushfire preparedness in the story. Summaries of historical reports of the fires and other natural disasters are included in between chapters.

Sally Murphy creates a powerful and very important message about the unpredictability of natural disasters. Amy’s family is very aware of the threat of bushfire. Yet, even planning and knowledge cannot shield communities from the scale of such fires.

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Extension material/ About the author

Sally Murphy is an author, poet, speaker and educator, with a passion for writing, reading and speaking. Her life’s goal is to write for, read with and speak to as many people as possible, and spread a passion for reading and writing to children and adults worldwide.





Questions for your lit circle

  1. Why do you think looking after the environment is important and how is it mentioned in the book?
  2. Why do you think being prepared for natural disasters is important?
  3. What kind of recovery do you think is involved in natural disasters? Is it quickly solved?