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Lit Circles - Primary: The green wind & The wind is silver

About the book

The green wind & The wind is silver by Thurley Fowler

"You murderer! Don't you know you have to look after books more than anything else? There's bits of Alice and her poor old Wonderland all over the veranda."undefined


The Green Wind: It is 1948, and eleven year old Jennifer Robinson is in her last year of primary school. The Robinsons have more problems than most of the families in the fruit growing community where they live. But this year is a year of promise. They are assured of a bumper crop, and they can finally afford to have electricity laid on - until unexpected misfortune finds them yet again ...

The Wind Is Silver:Everything is happening at once for the Robinsons: Margaret is leaving home, Richard and Alexander are growing up fast and Jennifer, always wild and irresponsible, is skyrocketing from one disaster to the next. But when tragedy strikes the family, it is Jennifer who must take charge and draw on all her reserves of strength in a year which will alter her and the family's life forever ...


Genre: Historical 


About the author

Thurley Fowler was born in Griffith, New South Wales, and lived very happily on a farm with her parents, sister and two brothers. She has been interested in art and writing since she was a child.

Her first children's novel, 'Wait Dor Me! Wait For Me!', was shortlisted for the 1982 Australian Children's Book of the Year Award and 'The Green Wind', set on the beloved Farm 1286, where she grew up, was winner of the 1986 Australian Children's Book of the Year Award for Older Readers.

Thurley is also well-known for the hilarious 'Not Again, Dad!' and its sequel 'That's Enough, Paul!', which tell the story of the misadventures of the famous Roberts family.

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Extension material

Questions for your circle

1. What is a character trait that you could use to describe your favorite character? What actions, thoughts, dialogue or reactions from other characters support your choice? 

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