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Lit Circles - Primary: Jehan and the Quest of the Lost Dog

About the book

undefined​Jehan and the Quest of the Lost Dog by Rosanne Hawke

"Jehan closed his eyes to pray, then opened them again. It wasn’t a dream. The water was still there – the biggest flood he had seen in his life."


For nine-year-old Jehan, life in Pakistan is just as it should be. He attends school, plays cricket with his little brother and fetches water for his family. But when the monsoon unleashes a catastrophic flood, Jehan is swept away from his village and becomes trapped in a tree.
Jehan stays alive by rescuing things from the floodwater, but as the days pass with no sign of help, Jehan starts to despair. Will he ever see his family again?
Then Jehan rescues a dog and he is no longer alone. But why does the dog keep swimming away? Where is she going? 



  • Survival
  • Natural disasters
  • Kindness
  • Hope
  • Resilience

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Extension material

undefinedAuthor Rosanne Hawke lived in Pakistan for seven years and has based several of her books in that country. 

While living there Rosanne said there was often an element of danger, so she was careful to take notice of the customs of the country. During the  Gulf War she was in Pakistan and says the war affected the local people much more dramatically than we heard here on the media. 

She said she did enjoy living in Pakistan, after the first year of becoming used to  different customs, food and dress. The people were friendly and hospitable. "You must conform to their cultural laws though: no dating or alcohol. And dress must be modest since it's a Muslim country."
For more information on Rosanne Hawke visit her website

Questions for your circle

  • When a terrible flood occurs, Jehan needs to survive. How do you think you would react as a 9-year-old in this situation?
  • Jehan draws strength from the companionship that he finds in Lali, the lost dog that he rescues. Did you think he would take the risk and follow her floodwater?
  • How important is animal companionship for people in different situations - the elderly, the ill, the lonely? Give examples of how animals might help? If you have a pet give personal examples of their companionship.
  • Names some of the natural disasters you know of that have occurred recently. How would you feel if you were all alone in one of these events - would you be as brave or resilient as Jehan?

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