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Lit Circles - Primary: One Wheel Drive

About the book

undefinedOne Wheel Drive by Scot Gardner

"I play Didjeridu. I work in schools, talking about writing and life and stuff. If I had a mission statement it would be something like ... 'To encourage people to take good risks and write their hearts out'." Scot Gardner


Bradley Carstairs' family is cracking at the seams. Brad's dad used to work at the steel mill, but has been forced into a shearing job in distant Queensland. But they are hanging onto the farm, just. Brad feels like he's losing control, so when he finds the keys to his dad's motorbike he decides to take a ride that will change his life.

GENRE: Real Life


  • Family relations
  • Adolescents
  • Australian life

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Extension material


Author: Scot Gardner

Born: 16th August, 1968 Melbourne, Australia

Resides: Yinnar South, Vic

Occupations: home dad, truck driver, delivery person, landscape gardened, professional musician, masseur, waiter, counsellor, program developer, teacher, webmaster, group facilitator, consultant, youth worker and author (finally!).

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