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Lit Circles - Primary: The Fix

About the book

undefinedThe Fix by Sophie McKenzie

"Let me explain", Mr Vilman said. "I'll give you 300 pounds right here, right now, if you agree to cock up all the chances you get to score on Saturday. Then another 300 pounds afterwards. Deal?"


Blake's the star of the football team, but he and his mum are in trouble - they can't make the rent and it looks as though they'll have to move. So when a stranger offers Blake cash to fix the match, it seems like an easy solution, right? Wrong. If Blake goes along with it, he stands to lose more than just the game. Will he do the right thing? Gripping football thriller.

GENRE: Sport


  • Good vs evil
  • Poverty
  • Responsibility
  • Courage
  • Team spirit
  • Problem solving

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Extension material

undefined"In my spare time I like going to the movies, watching football with my son, being cooked for by my husband and going out with my friends. I don’t like rats, rudeness or shoe shopping and I love dim sum, acts of kindness and great stories."

For more about Author, Sophie McKenzie visit her site:

Questions for your circle

  • If you were asked to 'fix' a sports game how would you feel?
  • Do you know of any times when this has occurred - possibly in professional sport?
  • Blake confided in his friend Dan - but then Dan was very harsh with him - do you think Dan could have been nicer?
  • Should Blake have taken the money to help his Mum?
  • What other things could Blake have done when he was approached by Mr Vilman?

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