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Lit Circles - Primary: Tall Tales or True?

About the book

Tall Tales or True?

By Peter Macinnis 


Tall tales or True? discuss' the difference between a fraudster and a hoaxer, and some top hoaxing tips. Discover hoaxes that people in the past have fallen for, even governments! 

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About the author

Peter Macinnis has written a number of science books for children, been head of education at the Powerhouse Museum, education officer at the Australian Museum and a teacher. He has also appeared on several science programs on ABC radio and has received two Highly Commendeds in the Michael Daley Awards for Science Journalism. 

Questions for your circle

  • Have you ever played a practical joke on someone? How did the person react? 
  • What type of hoax would you play on someone ? Would you eventually let your victim know it was a hoax?
  • Do you think people would fall for some of the hoaxes today that are mentioned?
  • Is a hoax acceptable if it is not done with ill intent?

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