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Literature: Othello

About the novel - Brief

Books in the library

Also available in e-Book, Audio book and DVD - film.

Further readings and research

In depth discussion and questions to consider

There are some in depth discussions available through the Google Books link below on the left. Also try this  Google scholar search for articles on Othello.

Shakespearean Tragedy by A. H Bradley This is a classic literary criticism, available as an Ebook at project Gutenberg. You can download it to your device or just read it online or this is just the bit on Othello.

Discussion of charactersAbsolute Shakespeare

Some sample essay topics.

Cultural context for Othello - Shakespeare Theatre Company

Videos and Podcasts


  • University of Oxford podcasts -  Emma Smith's Approaching Shakespeare lecture series; looking at the central question of race and its significance in the play.
  • Nicholas Hytner on Othello podcast
  • Adrian Lester in Conversation podcast