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Year 9 - Media - Music Video Clips: How music videos are made

Who is involved?

Here's a rough list of some of the people who might be involved:

  • Director, to make sure everything is in order and everything is done properly according to the script in a visual context.
  • Writer, mainly for a narrative video, is responsible for writing the concept.
  • Producer, is essentially in charge e.g. creates a shooting schedule, sorts out finances etc.
  • Location scout, finds locations for a certain scene.
  • Camera man; to actually film the production.
  • Sound man; if the production has any sound clips this crew member will be needed.
  • Makeup, to make the band/artist look their best for the camera. They could also be doing additional makeup for a certain concept.

Information from Prezi

What are the costs?

The costs involved in making a music video will vary depending on a range of factors. The most expensive videos made today could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it's also possible to make a music video simply using a mobile phone with no budget at all.  

This video explains how a music video can be made on budgets ranging from $500 to $20,000, and how to make the most of your budget.  

Examples of low and high budget music videos

This is an example of a low budget /  DIY style music video. It was obviously made using a small hand held camera or a phone.

The different settings (a tour bus, rehearsal spaces, a park) would not likely have cost any money to use, whereas a high budget video would likely involve hiring out a space or studio. No special effects or lighting is used, and the video is simply a montage of short clips edited together.