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Year 9 - Media - Music Video Clips: Analysing music video clips

Is it about the music?

In most cases video clips have a connection to the themes of the song, but sometimes they can be completely abstract.

Take a look at these video clips that have no obvious connection with the songs.

What is the message?

Music videos are often designed to tell us something about the artist. Whether it’s who they are and where they come from, who listens to their music and what their values are. All artists want to portray themselves in a certain way so that they appeal to their audience.

For example; they might want to show the audience that they have a lavish lifestyle, a quirky sense of humor, fashion sense, a large and devoted fan base etc.

What do you think these videos  are trying to communicate with us?

Pay attention to the costumes, setting, and dancing.

In this video David Bowie dresses flamboyantly, wearing make-up and brightly coloured clothes, which contrast against the white background. This is to capture the audiences attention, and to show that he’s different, and not afraid of what other people might think of him.

In this video Michael Jackson wears leather and silver chains, and dances with a gang of men dressed in fashionable street clothes. This indicates that he wants to appear rebellious and cool.