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Year 9 - Media - Music Video Clips: How to make your own

Examples of some video clips you can make at home

Rory Newman explains how he made the stop motion lyric video for “Nice Guy”

I set up my phone on a tripod in front of a chalkboard, and used an app on my phone take a photo every few seconds.

I then wrote the lyrics of the songs (split up into phrases) using chalk, trying to keep my body out of the shot so it didn’t block the view of the board, but let my hand appear in the shot as I wrote.

 Once I’d written out all the lyrics, I used a stop-motion animation app to sync up the photos with my song, so that my hand wrote the lyrics on the board as they were sung.

I also started off the video with the title of my song and my name, and then ended it with “The end”. This video was simple to make and took three or four hours in total to film and edit.

This is an example of something filmed at home during lockdown.


When making a music video clip it is important to consider what equipment you will need to use. 

The equipment you need will be different depending on what type you will make. 

Basic Tools

  • Video camera/ phone camera
  • A tripod
  • Editing software/app

Optional Tools

  • If the video involves overdubs, for instance dialogue or sound effects, then audio recording equipment is necessary
  • Lighting Equipment
  • A way to play the music through speakers if lip-syncing or dancing is involved.

The three stages of production

Planning your production

 including scriptwriting, storyboarding, sketching designs, planning, research


 including capturing, recording, directing

Putting it all together

 including mixing, editing, assembling, laying out, distributing.

Set design