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De La Salle Library: Maths

All your research resources with you on your computer

Video resources to embed in online lessons

Maths teaching resources

Khan Academy

Resource for online learning

  1. cK-12
    Online STEM learning.
  2. Delta Math
    Middle school to high school math.
  3. Eureka Math / Great Minds
    Pre-K through 12th grade math curricula.
  4. Freckle
    Math lessons and practice for K – 9 students.
  5. iXL Math
    Starting at preschool and continuing through to high school calculus, this is an online membership site that teaches math concepts.
  6. Khan Academy
    Elementary, middle school, and high school video courses.
  7. Mangahigh
    Quizzes, games, and competitions for students. FREE access for COVID-19 school shutdowns.
  8. Minecraft
    Math lessons in Minecraft.
  9. Tinkercad
    A free app that allows kids to make 3D digital designs, electronics, and coding.
  10. A 178-page free math coloring book that illustrates group theory concepts to benefit math educators and students alike: 
  11. D&D and Geometry lovers: How to construct a 20-sided modular pecan pie: 

Online learning channels - learning from Pro Online teachers